Commons project aims to answer the need for training courses required for both newcomers who are just starting out as freelancers and industry professionals who wish to develop their skills in a lifelong learning perspective. It also offers a virtual community in which freelancers in the cultural and creative industries can share and discuss experiences and ideas and where newcomers can obtain one-to-one support and advice from volunteer industry professionals (e-mentoring).

The main objective is to create and develop a collaborative and innovative e-learning platform aimed at freelance workers in cultural and creative industries throughout Europe. The platform, developed from scratch, will promote the creation of a community of professionals interested in learning and teaching the skills required by 21st-century freelancers, in a perspective of collaboration and exchange. Skill-evaluation and certification mechanisms for the various professions will be made available. Training content will be offered in real time (live webcasts) by means of web conferencing tools and in recorded sessions by means of videos and other multimedia material.

The main training areas are: Languages, Information Technology, Marketing, Entrepreneurship. These main courses will be supplemented by additional training content aimed at specific professions in the cultural and creative industries (cinema, TV, radio, publishing, music, graphic design, etc.) and at the different socio-economic and geographical contexts.

Partners: AlfaBeta (Italy), IPLeiria (Portugal), Himmel & Jord GmbH (Germany), Brightsidetrust (England)