Some tutorials to support the eLearning platform are already available (Moodle 3.9). We are producing more videos, which we will make available on the respective playlists (Students and Teachers). Subscribe to our channel to receive notifications of new content here (Portuguese only)



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UED streamlines training and supports the use of various tools in the context of education / training. The selected tools stand out for their ease of use, free access and educational potential, allowing the creation of content and contexts from the perspective of intelligent use.

  • Canva

    Graphic content production and sharing

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  • Nearpod

    Creating dynamic and interactive presentations within the classroom

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  • Kahoot

    Creation of interactive quizzes, individual and collective, inside the classroom

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  • AppsGeyser

    Creating interactive games

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  • Screencast-o-matic

    Screen capture with audio and video recording of the presenter (15 minutes limit)

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  • Quizziz

    Creation of quizzes inside and outside the classroom

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  • eXeLearning

    Production of interactive multimedia content in HTML format

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  • Zoom

    Creation and scheduling of video / web conferencing sessions from office outlook / office 365

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  • Videopad

    Offline tool (free) that allows you to edit videos in a simple way

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  • Openshot

    Offline tool (free) that allows you to edit videos in a simple way

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  • H5P

    Production of activities and resources in HTML format (available in moodle)

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  • Google Assigments

    Google plagiarism detection tool (institutional authentication)

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  • Google classroom

    Google learning management platform (institutional authentication)

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  • Limesurvey

    Survey platform (Institutional authentication)

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  • Moodle

    Institutional learning management platform

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